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Attracting customers from Social Media can be painful and time consuming. LikePay helps you reach a broad audience and get customers without any efforts or money risk.

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Popular Problems With Promotion in Social Media


Need to post often

It is difficult to post enough when you are busy. Not only posting take time, but to come with an idea and take photo takes efforts.


Hard to track the results

Do your followers actually buy something? Does your Social Media account bring any value to your business? It is difficult to measure on your own.


No money for paid ads

Organic reach is difficult, but paid ads cost money. Is it worth trying?

How LikePay helps you?


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Effortless Promotion

Your customer's Social Media posts will serve as the best promotion for you without any of your efforts. Moreover, you can reach to young audience with stylish Social Media content.

Broad Reach

Think of if one customer posts about your shop. Then 500 of his friends will know about you. You can easily reach tens of thousand people every day and attract them as new sustomers by just using LikePay.

Trustworthy Recommendations

When LikePay user makes a post about you, it is his friends who see it. And you gain their trust.

Stylish Customers

LikePay users are stylish people who love posting on Social Media about everything. They will know come to you and let their friends and the world know about you.

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